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Hi, I’m Jamie! I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach from the UK with an International Diploma from the European Institute of Fitness which is accredited by the American Collage of Sport Medicine. 
I specialise in personal and group TRX training, which is a great way to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously, with a reduced risk of injury. TRX training is also great at strengthening the core along with helping to shred fat and generally feel better about yourself.

The ethos behind what I do is that – it’s all about YOU! Whether you are seriously looking to loose body fat or looking to get those abs you’ve always wanted, it’s about who and where you want to be.

The key to obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crafting a fitness and nutrition programme that fits your reality, your objectives and then sticking with it. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet that enables you to eat whatever you like, neglect your body and still have the bounce, vigor and figure you aspire to. That’s where I come in. Having people on your side who are going to be there to encourage and push you. To make sure that the workout you do is at the right intensity for you, that your form is the best, so you lower the risk of injuries and that the stretches you do aid recovery and posture.

Whether you are a permanent Barcelona resident or just here for a while, come down to our modern studio situated right in the heart of Barcelona. Meet some new friends, and get that extra boost of confidence to help you get where you want to go.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

Suspension Training

Strength. Balance. Flexibility. Joint Stability. Weight loss.


Ready to join the fun? Poised to take on the day and feel good? Whether you’re getting back on track or pushing yourself to the next level, the time for you to start being good to yourself is NOW!. Look great and feel amazing. Discover which training option works best for you and…Let’s workout!


Where better to achieve your fitness and health goals than in the heart of wonderful Barcelona. You’re in luck, that’s exactly where our Studio is located. Jamie’s Studio is a modern open-plan studio space with natural light located in the gothic quarter of central Barcelona.
Our vibrant studio is all about feeling good; we know that you arrive after a long day at work, or running about doing a million different things. The time you spend at our Studio is about you. It’s a space where you can let go of everyday worries and enjoy yourself whilst getting fit with your personal trainer.


  • ROB DOBSON 3 Years

    “So glad I’ve started working with Jamie. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually look forward to the sessions now.”


    “Working with Jamie was such a great experience. He really helped me change the way I thought about exercise as well as food. My body has completely changed and I’m thrilled. I feel so motivated to keep improving and getting stronger. “


    “His training is just amazing! So modern, positive and motivating! Now I´m addicted and can´t live without out suspension training in Ciutadella!! He makes me more beautiful!! Thank you!”

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